Welcome to the website of the Polish Geological Institute presenting the interactive 3D browser of geological structures. Despite of intense work in the last couple of years we could not avoid flaws and imperfections. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please send your comments to geo3d@pgi.gov.pl

Geo3D development team

Please also note that the models are presented for viewing purposes only and as such are unsuitable for any decision-making purposes whatsoever. Please read the regulations on re-use of public sector information.

3D Geology

The nature of geology is to describe three-dimensional objects. These objects often represent  solids with a very complicated structure e.g. the edges of lithospheric plates. Creation of two-dimensional geological maps and cross-sections has been, until recently, the only practical way to depict both simple and complex geological structure. However, today, advanced IT tools enable an increasingly accurate reconstruction of geology, at any area and at any depth, as 3D virtual objects (3D geological models).


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